Previously, when I have been working with a couple in mediation it has been complicated and costly for them to formalise any agreement they reach about their children.

Fortunately, this is no longer the case.

Some couples like to know that any agreement they reach about their children can be formalised by the court. Previously, this involved an application to the court that would often require that everyone attends court for a listed appointment with a Judge..

Now the courts appreciate that parents who have reached an agreement want it formalised to prevent further disagreements without complications. Parents can do this by applying to the court on a Form C100. On the front page of the form there is a box now that can be ticked to show that an agreement has been reached and a copy of the agreement is attached to the form and sent to the court with a fee. If the documents are sent to the court with an explanation that it is a request for formalisation following a mediated agreement it can often be approved by a Judge without anyone having to attend court.

Mediation agreements are without prejudice documents that can not be sent to the court but there are other forms and plans that can be used and attached to the C100 form. If I can help with any agreement you want to file with the court call me on 01865 781181.

Rachael Oakes – Partner – National Head of the Family Practice