For the vast majority of my clients’ the priorities when separating from their spouse and dealing with the financial issues are to reach an agreement and to do that as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

There are many ways in which couples can reach an agreement and these include mediation, collaborative law, solicitor led negotiation and arbitration. If couples are unable to reach an agreement, then a last resort is court proceedings but these can prove very stressful and costly. It is far better to keep control of your situation and try and agree upon a settlement.

I do therefore ask clients when meeting with me for the first time to bring with them as much information as they can regarding their circumstances and then I will provide them with as much advice as possible regarding a reasonable settlement and what the likely costs will be. The majority of my clients’ do reach an agreement and how long this takes varies depending on the issues involved. For example, there can be business or pension assets to consider in which case valuations will be required or it may be the issues are more straightforward to resolve.

The key to an early resolution is having all the necessary information so that you can narrow the issues and reach an early agreement.

If therefore you have a family enquiry, please do contact me on 01865 781182 or by email