In a recent case of Seagrove v Sullivan a couple, who weren't married but had lived together, spent a total of £1.3 million on legal fees to resolve their dispute.

Mr Justice Holman who heard the case described the litigation as "out of control."

Not only were costs a problem in the case, but also the amount of documents submitted to the Court.

In accordance with the Family Procedure Rules (5.1) court bundles should be limited to 350 x A4 pages.

In this case there were 3,500 pages!

It isn't often that cases reach the High Court, as usually a settlement is reached at an earlier stage and before a Final Hearing, which most parties always try to achieve.

It would seem this case involved a couple who were determined to ignore legal advice, which came with dire costs consequences. As lawyers, there is only so much we can do when it comes to advising clients, ultimately we are instructed by the client and cannot force someone to settle.