In the recent case of Re H-B the Court of Appeal have emphasised the need for separating parents to each take full responsibility for ensuring that their children, no matter what age, have a good relationship with the other parent.

In my experience, when faced with the difficult situation of separating from a partner, some parents can find it hard to differentiate between their feelings towards the other parent and the best interests of their children when making decisions for those children, particularly as they did not expect to find themselves in this position. The Court of Appeal has said that when a relationship ends it is important for the benefit of any children that both parents, working together, take charge about what happens with their family, rather than focusing on their individual rights over their children.

Where the parents do have a hostile relationship, it is crucial that we as solicitors give clear advice and guidance to help to resolve the situation, rather than pouring 'fuel on the fire' as I have seen some other solicitors do, possibly to drive up their legal fees.