This is the time of year when we often receive lots of new enquiries from clients who for various reasons have decided that they no longer want to carry on with things as they are at home and decide it's time for a fresh start.

it can't be easy to make such a decision but in my experience, clients have thought about their situation for some time, particularly where there are children involved and it's usually the right decision for them. It can sometimes be making the decision to separate or to start divorce proceedings and reach a financial settlement or it can be problems in relation to their children and wanting to resolve those.

There are lots of options available to couples wanting to resolve matters by agreement and these include mediation, collaborative practice  and solicitor led negotiation.

We are here to help and provide sensible, pragmatic advice in the hope that matters can be resolved amicably by agreement. There are those cases where sadly, it does not prove possible to reach an agreement and court proceedings are required but going to court is usually the last resort.