It is hoped that use of laser lights will decrease the number of accidents involving cyclists. However, (sadly) it is inevitable that accidents will occur and cycling is becoming increasing popular. This is of no great surprise when you consider the benefit to your health, the environment and your purse. However, the savings to your purse could be short lived if you are not covered for third party liabilities. If you cause (or are accused of causing damage to property or a person) whilst cycling and you do not have insurance you may face a large claim against you personally for compensation and legal costs. The claim could run into thousands of pounds. This situation is becoming more common than you might think. Don’t let this put you off taking to the saddle but before you do be sure to check you are adequately insured. In the first instance check your home

contents policy to see if you are covered for public liability whilst using your bike. It’s always best to contact your insurer to check exactly what your cover includes rather than trying to interpret the insurance policy wording yourself. If you are a regular cyclist involved in trailing, road racing etc. you may need a cycle racing extension on your insurance policy. Alternatively, if you do not have any cover then there are many companies selling stand alone third liability policies at reasonable premiums.

Ride with peace of mind and check you are insured!