On Thursday 18 February 2016, Yolande Wase, Senior Associate at Henmans Freeth, was interviewed about NHS never events by BBC Radio Oxford.

NHS never events are serious incidents which are wholly preventable if the appropriate national guidelines are followed.

A never event could be, for example, an operation taking place on the wrong part of the body, or an instrument being left inside the body after an operation.

A recent report has found that there have been more than 1000 never events in England in the last four years.

In the interview Yolande Wase commented that "we see the same things happening again and again and whilst Trusts do their own internal investigations the quality of these can vary considerably between organisations, and it is something the NHS has to take very seriously" in terms of learning lessons from these events.

To listen to the interview please click on the link below. The interview can be found at 01:07:30.