Whilst the headline is very eye catching, Lord Justice Laws has only granted permission for Carmen Mazo to take her loss-of-career point to the Court of Appeal (CA), saying it was arguable that the District Judge was wrong to reject Ms Mazo's claim to more than £4.2 million after finding that her injury was not bad enough to justify her giving up her career as a human resources consultant.

When dealing with a claim for damages, there are many aspects which have to be taken into consideration.  Compensation for an injury to the wrist resulting in complete loss of function in the wrist for example could attract an award of up to £50,000.00.   

In this case Ms Mazo is claiming that she would have expected to be on £700-a-day by now, but as a result of the accident she would have to go back to the 'bottom of the ladder' and retrain in another career.