Sparrow v Andre (2016). This should have been a simple car park shunt with no or very little injury but sadly an unforeseen chain of events lead to life changing disability.  The claimant and defendant were both manoeuvring their cars in a car park when the rear of their vehicles collided.  The claimant got out to inspect the damage.  The defendant moved his car away and the claimant's car then started to roll backwards down a slope.  The claimant was concerned for his children who were in the car and tried to hold back the car.  Sadly, he was unable to hold the car back or get out of the way and was crushed against a metal gatepost.  His injuries were so serious that his leg required amputation.

The court found that the defendant had caused not only the initial collision (by driving too fast and failing to keep a proper lookout) but was also responsible for the entity of the incident.  The claimant's actions were not an intervening act breaking the chain of causal events.  However, the claimant's compensation was reduced by 60% to reflect the fact that his negligent actions had contributed towards his injuries, in particular that he had failed to put the car into 'park' or switch of the ignition.