Following the Brexit decision many of us have been thinking about issues such as the impact on the economy, freedom of movement or perhaps job security. But what does it mean for personal injury claims?

It has been said that approximately 70% of our current laws originate in some way from Europe. Certainly Europe has had a large impact on our current health and safety laws. Our exit from Europe will mean that the government will be free to revisit many of the laws that currently offer protection to workers and enable them to be compensated when they are injured as a result of their employer disregarding those laws.  Some say that the economic pressure to continue to trade with Europe will mean that the UK will need to continue to recognise EU standards and regulations, thereby causing little change to personal injury law.  However, others fear that 'in trend' political pressures will result in a major over haul and 'watering down' of worker's rights.  This is of particular concern given the governments apparent war on the UK's so called health and safety culture.  Many of you will already be aware of the government's proposal last year to increase the small claims limit from £1,000 to £5,000 and to dispose of whiplash claims. Is this just the beginning?

Other laws that may be affected relate to consumer protection and the ability to hold producers of defective goods strictly liable for injuries and also laws relating to injuries occurring abroad.

The true answer of course to my original question is that nobody really knows for certain what the impact will be: It is simply too early to say and for the time being we can only play the waiting game.