12 year old Olly Croker was hit in the head whilst watching his brother play football.  There was a tackle in which players became entangled in a 'FA Respect' banner.  This caused one of the banner anchors to become dislodged from the ground and fly almost 100ft through the air before hitting Olly.   Sadly, Olly died from his injuries two days later.

At the recent inquest, the Coroner stated that Olly's death had been caused by a freak accident.  However, she confirmed she will be writing to the FA inviting them to reach a conclusion as to exactly what happened and to share it with the public in order to avoid such a tragedy occurring again.

The term 'freak accident' would suggests that this was not something that anyone could have predicted.  However, certainly, the tragic circumstances of this incident should now be in the minds of anyone organising or hosting a similar event.