There are many different types of potholes which could cause you problems when cycling.  Notwithstanding their initial appearance, these surfaces should be avoided at all times.

When cycling, your mental approach should be to habitually look up the road, scanning for dark patches and making smooth adjustments to your riding line in order to avoid potholes. Daydream and you will be swerving around them, which is not good for you, your riding pals or other road users. 

On your regular rides, make a mental note of the potholes. If you ride in the dark, use a powerful front light and try to recce your route in the daylight beforehand.

Don’t be nervous about potholes; if you stay alert you can pass them with barely any effort at all. Remember, you only need to miss the edge by a few centimetres and it’s surprisingly easy to steer bikes accurately around small objects.

If you do ride into a normal pothole, relax the bars and lift yourself a little out of the saddle to unweight the bike and allow it to bump over the other side. Stay loose on the bike and absorb the impact through your arms and legs