41 year old science and health teacher, Lynsey Haycock, fell in her classroom whilst putting up a display.  She suffered a broken leg and later died from medical complications.  An investigation is underway as to the circumstances of her fall.

Whilst we cannot comment on the safety measures in place at Ms Haycock's school, all employers should be aware of the duties owed to employees under the various regulations designed to ensure the safety of workers.  Many employers naively think that laws relating to issues such as manual handling or work at height do not apply to non manual or sedentary jobs and are reserved for jobs such as factory workers or those working on building sites etc.   However, the Work at Height Regulations 2005 apply to any place of work where, if not precautions are taken, a person could fall a distance liable to cause them injury.  This could for example include a teacher standing on something in the classroom or an office worker using a stool to reach a cabinet.  Falls from height remain one of the biggest causes of fatalities and serious injuries in the workplace.