I had never heard of marry yourself before so was intrigued by this article!

Such a ceremony holds no legal basis in this country- marriage requiring two consenting adults.

What really surprised me was the desire to have marital status which is a reducing trend. Statistics from the Office for National Statistics in 2016 indicate their were 3.3million families in a cohabiting couple family arrangement, choosing not to marry. This number has doubled since 1996.

The impact of cohabiting is restricted legislation available to assist the couple and family on a later family breakdown, or on death. As the rights of a cohabitant are much less than a spouse, the choice not to marry is often a surprising one. More information about the legal status of cohabitation can be found at www.freethsoxford.co.uk/cohabitation 

Deciding to marry yourself avoids no risk legally, and my fear is that what it may do is encourage an later relationships to be cohabitation rather than marriage. This may therefore reduce rights in the future.

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