What a fairy story! A Japanese princess is marrying her university sweetheart. Unfortunately as he is not royalty, under Japanese law she must lose her princess status. 

This must have been a very difficult and personal decision for the princess. Often marriage brings with it compromise for the sake of a spouse's career or family need, but it is unusual for such a sacrifice of this severity to have to be made before the marriage has even started. In this country, if a sacrifice is being made before marriage or after it, the spouse making such a concession can be in part protected by a pre-nuptial agreement or postnuptial agreement. More details about these agreements are at: www.freethsoxford.co.uk/prenups  

What these agreements can't do is offer a solution which is not one the court would consider "fair". What is difficult to imagine is what kind of agreement would seem fair to compensate a princess for the loss of her royal status?

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