An interesting article that examines the impact of divorce on a child's health.

Despite the fact divorcing couples often try and do all they can to lessen the impact of their separation on their child or children, this isn't always possible. I know from experience that even when separating parents think they're shielding their child from the breakdown of their relationship, that more often then not the child still feels very much caught in the middle.

The research shows that separation can weaken a child's ability to fight infection, even decades after what they describe as the "trauma". What's more, where parents stopped speaking to one another the child was three times more likely to develop an infection, which is quite shocking statistics when you think about it.

When parents separate, no matter what the circumstances, the priority must always be the children. I regularly advise clients to talk to their other half about not only the future arrangements for the children, but also the here and now. How are you, as parents, going to tell your child what's happened whilst still ensuring they feel supported and that ultimately, things will be "ok"?

I also regularly work with experts who can help families going through separation and clients tell me this support can often be invaluable.

If you are considering separating or going through a separation now and need some advice, please do get in touch either by phone on 01865 781183 or email and I'd be happy to assist.