Moving house would seem to be a fairly straightforward decision for most of us. Although the costs, stress of moving and energy involved put many of us off, the attraction of new homes, new locations and new jobs can outweigh the negatives.

Additional stress can be created if you have children with a previous partner. In this situation if you are moving area, town, county or country you should notify the other parent and seek their agreement to the move. Any parent that has parental responsibility for the children will need to agree to the move. If they do not agree, you can apply to the court for a "Specific Issue" order seeking the court's permission for you to relocate. If you do not apply to the court, the other parent may apply for a "Prohibited Steps" order, preventing you from moving until the court have reviewed all of the issues and determined if the move is in the children's best interests.

These applications can be complex and require detailed plans and explanations. More information can be found at

The article from South Africa highlights how different countries view these type of applications. It is important that you always seek advice from a specialist family lawyer in the current jurisdiction, to ensure the best advice as this article shows how differently applications are dealt with in South Africa.

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