Lily Collins, daughter of the former Genesis frontman Phil Collins, has spoken publicly about how the divorce of her own parents (and step mother and father) have had long term impact on her mental and physical health.  This includes Lily becoming anorexic in her teenage years.

It surprises me how often parents can overlook the impact on their children of the way they deal with their divorce. Children will mask many of their feelings to avoid upsetting a parent, but can regularly recall the communications and behaviours they have witnessed between their parents during divorce and following it which have an impact on their own relationships and physical, emotional and mental health.

Finding a way to divorce with the children's wellbeing as the parent's focus is vitally important for the children and the adults involved, regardless of their ages or how little it appears to be impacting them at the time.

Collaborative Law and Mediation can offer a method to resolve family disputes as amicably as possible, and with focus on the children, which both parents would normally agree is their priority.

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