Tini Owens, who was in the press earlier this year when a Judge refused her petition for divorce, is taking her case to the Supreme Court.

In the first instance, the Judge described her marriage as an "old school" one and that the examples of unreasonable behaviour she had cited were those to be expected in such a marriage.

However, it is extremely unusual for a Judge to refuse to allow a divorce.  

As the law stands at present, there's only one ground for divorce (that the marriage has irretrievably broken down) and unless a certain period of separation applies, the ground has to be supported by a fault based fact. 

However, this case raises (not for the first time) the question of whether there should be the ability to get divorced without it being on a fault based petition. 

From experience I know that this would save a lot of angst on both sides and may even help couples get off to a better start when discussing their finances.

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