The BBC drama that gripped us 2 years ago returned this evening, now seeing the couple divorced.

Despite the divorce having been concluded and time passing the drama shows the hostility and anger that can continue for many years after divorce. This clearly has physical, mental and emotional consequences on both spouses, but most worryingly on the children.

Only one episode in, it is obvious that Tom, the 15 year old child of Dr Foster and her former husband, is already being used as a pawn in the games of revenge between the couple in this drama. Unfortunately this is not uncommon. In such situations the long term consequences for the child are significant.

There is a better way to deal with these issues. Mediation and Collaborative law offer methods to enable couples to discuss the issues and make joint decisions in the best interests of a child. The child (depending on age and circumstances) can be involved in the mediation process. Focusing on what is best for the children often forces parents to look past the anger or resentment they may feel as a result of the end of the relationship.

More information about mediation can be found at:-

Let's hope poor Tom comes out of this series with parents thinking about the impact of their actions on him....