Although it may not be the greatest contributor to injury (and indeed death) on our roads, opening car doors into the path of cyclists, pedestrians and other vehicles is easily preventable and could reduce the number of accidents per year by thousands according to a campaign being run by Cycling UK.

Cycling UK are backing a campaign encouraging vehicle occupants to use the opposite arm to that closest to the door to reach across and open it.  By doing so it is believed that occupants will naturally turn their bodies and thus have a better view of traffic approaching alongside their vehicle.   In theory this sounds simple enough, but getting drivers (and passengers) to change what is both the most natural way of opening an interior door and also very much a habit is likely to prove a lot harder. 

It is hoped that this small change in behaviour can reduce the number of accidents but if you do happen to be struck in such a manner do bear in mind this is not just an unfortunate accident. If you (or your property) do suffer injury and/or damage do as you would in any other accident, and make sure you take all relevant details and where appropriate also report it to the police.