It has been just over a month since the new divorce form, which starts divorce proceedings has been introduced. 

There are now guidance notes on completing the form on the right hand side of the boxes you have to fill in; and concerns have been raised about whether individuals completing the form (without the benefit of legal advice) are more likely to name the person who their spouse has committed adultery with when citing adultery as the fact for the breakdown of their marriage. 

In 2015, figures showed adultery was cited as the reason for divorce in over 12,000 cases.  When advising a client in relation to divorce, it's rare I would advise my client to name the person their partner had an affair with because they are then party to the divorce proceedings and this can make proceedings more complex.

Whilst the new look form is intended to be easier for individuals representing themselves to complete I understand the concerns that the way section 8 of the form is drafted, many could be tempted to name the person their spouse had an affair with but only time will tell the impact of this, if so. 

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