A surrogate mother from California has been reunited with her infant son, after discovering that one of the two babies she carried for a Chinese couple was actually biologically hers. 

Because of a rare medical condition which caused her to continue ovulating during pregnancy, Jessica Allen unintentionally conceived a child of her own whilst already around six weeks pregnant with the child she was carrying for the intended parents in China. Her doctors initially thought that the two babies were twins. Because the Chinese couple were the baby's legal parents, Mrs Allen and her husband had to go through a complex legal battle to bring him home. 

Although this is an international case, and the circumstances are extraordinary, it is still a cautionary tale for anybody considering entering into a surrogacy arrangement. In the UK, the surrogate remains the legal parent of the child until the intended parents obtain a court order transferring legal parenthood to them. They have six months from the date of the child's birth to make their application for this court order. The surrogate must consent to the order being granted, and at least one of the intended parents must be the biological parent of the child. It is vital that any question marks over the child's biological parentage are dealt with during that time.