Polish legislation was changed earlier this year to deal with issues of non payment of child maintenance.  The rules appear to have had a positive impact, by virtue of a sanction of up to 12 months in prison for 3 months arrears of child maintenance.

In this jurisdiction, Child Maintenance is normally agreed between the parents or if an agreement cannot be reached, is determined by the Child Maintenance Service. Non payment of maintenance can be enforced by the CMS by attachments of earnings, deductions from bank accounts, charging orders or liability orders which can lead to the involvement of bailiffs.  If these steps do not work the CMS can, as a last resort, make an application to have a driving licence removed or imprisonment for up to 6 weeks.

If you need any help or advice on issues relating to  child maintenance, more information can be found at www.freeths.co.uk/child-maintenance or you can telephone me on 01865 781182.