This story has highlighted some of the dangers of entering into cross-border surrogacy arrangements. 

In this case, a gay couple from Singapore entered into a surrogacy arrangement with a woman in the United States, because Singapore does not allow surrogacy and makes it very difficult for gay men to adopt children. However, on returning home to Singapore with their newborn son, they found that Singaporean law regarded him as illegitimate and ineligible for Singaporean citizenship. They are now awaiting the outcome of an appeal against a court's decision to refuse to allow one of the two to adopt their son. 

In the UK, although surrogacy is not outlawed completely, it is illegal to pay a woman to act as a surrogate. This often leads to British couples seeking surrogacy arrangements abroad, in countries where commercial surrogacy is allowed. However, this can have enormous implications in terms of legal parentage and immigration status when they bring their new child home to the UK. 

If you are considering an international surrogacy arrangement, it is essential to take legal advice on the arrangement itself and any immigration issues it might create, so please do get in touch.