Following a campaign picked up by the Times, Justice Secretary David Gauke has said that he will 'study the evidence' for reforming divorce law. 

At the moment, when a couple who have been separated for less than two years want to divorce, one of them must cite either adultery or 'unreasonable behaviour' by the other as the reason for the breakdown of their marriage. This can create unnecessary acrimony between them and even lead to separating spouses fabricating allegations in order to satisfy the court that they should be entitled to a divorce. 

Professionals within the family justice system are overwhelmingly in favour of changing the law to allow couples to divorce without having to place blame on each other in this way. The family lawyers' organisation Resolution has long campaigned on it. It has been debated in parliament but has not become government policy. Mr Gauke's comments suggest that this might finally be about to change. Family lawyers will be watching with interest.