This is a fascinating article about the rapid rise of surrogacy arrangements in Ukraine, which is one of the very few European countries in which commercial surrogacy is legal. Across most of Europe, surrogacy is either completely banned or, as in the UK, permitted only on an altruistic basis.

Ukraine has benefited from a number of other surrogacy 'hotspots', such as India and Thailand, tightening their rules on surrogacy arrangements for foreign nationals in recent years, partly because of concerns about the surrogacy industry exploiting poorer women. One charity has estimated that demand in Ukraine may have increased by as much as 1000% in the last two years, but there are concerns about how some clinics are treating surrogates.

British couples considering surrogacy arrangements in Ukraine or elsewhere need to think carefully about the legal implications and take appropriate advice. There is a sometimes complex process of dealing with nationality and immigration status for the baby on the return to the UK. There is also a court process to go through in order to secure legal parenthood for the child under UK law. Freeths can advise on all of these issues.