Freeths Solicitors have issued proceedings on the first out of 14 claims being brought against LivaNova over contaminated heater cooler machines which have caused the spread of a dangerous infection (Mycobacterium Chimaera).

For more information about the Mycobacterium Chimaera infection, see our previous blog:

Paul Balen, Solicitor at Freeths LLP, has commented:

"It is nearly a year since full details of the claim were supplied to the company. My client feels it essential that the court now sets a timetable for the company to resolve these claims. The youngest client in my group of patients affected is 36 with three young children; others who have died have left dependent children; some are struggling with the loss of their breadwinner. All are struggling with the loss of loved ones and the failure of the company to acknowledge their suffering. This company owes these victims an apology, an explanation and reasonable compensation for what they have been put through. My door has always been open. It is about time the company instructed its lawyers to walk through it and resolve these claims without causing my clients any more anguish."

A recent article in the Mail on Sunday has reported on how the infection has affected the families of those patients who have passed away due to the infection. The article also highlights the concerns surrounding whether or not UK doctors have sufficient information about how to recognise and treat the infection. 

For more information or if you or a family member have been affected, please contact Paul Balen at Freeths on 07767 673200 or email