It was refreshing to read the way Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan have announced their separation to the media. For a couple in the spotlight they wrote a joint message, with no fault or blame attached to either of them for their marriage coming to an end.

Whilst obviously most people aren’t in this position it reminded me of two key points for anyone separating:

1. Watch what you put on social media as the chances are your former partner will see/hear about it. The work of a moment in posting a comment could be used against you later if there are court proceedings, not just the negatives but also if you show how fabulously wealthy you are with your luxury holiday/car/lifestyle; and

2. There are alternatives to the nasty celebrity court battles usually reported in the media. Everyone is different and so should be the way they approach resolving matters on separation.

I advise some clients who want to have all or part of their discussions about matters such as separation of finances directly with their partner or alternatively through mediation. Others prefer for me to have that discussion on their behalf.

Even in court proceedings I represent some clients completely whilst others represent themselves with my advice in the background.

There are lots of options, which is where getting advice from an experienced solicitor can really make a difference to help the person make informed decisions that work best for them and their families.

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