This week, 14th to 20th May is Action for Brain Injury week - an important opportunity to raise awareness of the impact of brain injury not only on survivors themselves but on their families, friends and on society as a whole.

Building on last years successful campaign highlighting the experiences and misconceptions faced by brain injury survivors, Headway's theme for #abi week this year is 'You, me, and brain injury': a topic intended to 

"highlight the effect brain injury can have on many different lives, in many different ways, while demonstrating the various ways in which people can help those living with brain injury to adapt and regain a degree of confidence and independence." 


The Child Brain Injury Trust  ( has chosen this years' #abi week to launch their new Brain Injury Information Card intended to relieve pressure on individuals aged between 11 and 18  to explain their hidden disability whilst helping to promote understanding in the community. 

As specialists in both child and adult brain injury claim's we understand the difficulties faced by young people with invisible injuries and how valuable this new service is likely to be. 

Throughout the week we at Freeths will be playing our own part to raise awareness of brain injury and to highlight the work of brain injury charities and other organisations and initiatives.  

If you are concerned that you or a loved one may have suffered a brain injury as a result of medical treatment or care please contact Catherine Bell ( on 01865 781140, for a free and confidential discussion of your legal options.