This case highlights the importance of full financial disclosure and the consequences of misleading the court.

The husband had not only falsified documents as part of the disclosure process, but he also remarried before the parties were divorced.

This behaviour was enough for the parties' financial settlement to be reopened by the court after an order had been made and the wife was awarded additional wealth as a result.

If a case goes to a final hearing, where the judge decides what financial settlement would be fair and reasonable in their opinion, the evidence that is presented to the judge is important. 

 A conviction for bigamy and evidence that the husband had tried to misrepresent his finances, will have seriously damaged his credibility before the judge and so the reliance placed on his evidence.

This is why it is crucial to deal with preparing the necessary evidence early in a case, which includes providing full financial disclosure, where acting for a husband like this and viewing that disclosure critically  where acting for a wife in a case like this.

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