The headlines for the BBC news states:-

A woman in a "loveless and unhappy" marriage wants Supreme Court approval to divorce her husband of four decades.

Tini Owens, 68, from Broadway, Worcestershire, wants a court's refusal to grant her a divorce overruled.

She says her marriage to Hugh Owens, 80, has broken down, but he claims they still have a "few years" to enjoy.

How can it be a marriage where one party has decided it is over?  A marriage is a partnership and if one partner has decided he/she is no longer happy, no longer wants to be married and is living apart, how arbitrary is it for a court to say the marriage exists?  Unreasonable behaviour is subjective not objective (although there need to be sufficient grounds) so how can a court say she can be reasonably expected to live with him?  I look forward to the appeal and it's result.