Pamela North was failed on five separate occasions after Doctors at the King George Hospital in Ilford, failed to perform an MRI scan to confirm her bladder cancer diagnosis. Had she received her diagnosis a year earlier, Mrs North would have had a 70% chance of survival.

The Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman, Rob Behrens investigated Mrs North’s case and identified that the hospital was guilty of a series of failings, despite refusing to accept responsibility when his investigations began.

Prior to her formal diagnosis, Mrs North had multiple tests including blood tests, cystoscopies and a CT scan, the results of which were all abnormal. An x-ray was also intended but wasn’t completed due to staffing issues. Unfortunately, when Mrs North’s MRI scan confirmed her diagnosis, the cancer was too advanced for treatment.

Following her death, Mr Behrens has said it is vital that the NHS is proactive in its efforts to ensure the same mistakes do not happen again and to make certain that investigations into deaths are adequate. The King George Hospital has since awarded Mrs North’s family £10,000 in compensation which has subsequently been donated to the local hospice which provided Mrs North with palliative care before her death.

Cancer Research UK have recently published that there were 5,383 deaths from bladder cancer in 2016 however, 42% of bladder cancer cases are preventable.

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