Anthony Dixon, a specialist surgeon pioneering rectal mesh surgery has been suspended from practice and is now under investigation by the NHS and the General Medical Council. Having developed an international reputation for using mesh in bowel procedures, more than 50 patients have now complained following complications and damage following ventral rectopexy procedures.

Lucinda Methuen-Campbell was one of Mr Dixon’s patients in 2016 and has now taken her life due to the pain she suffered following the procedure. During the operation, Ms Methuen-Campbell also had her ovaries removed without her consent with Mr Dixon explaining that they were “in the way”.

A patient’s consent is required by medical practitioners before any operation is performed or treatment administered. This consent must be freely given and fully informed and if medical practitioners act without consent, this may lead to criminal proceedings under the tort of trespass to the person.

Ms Methuen-Campbell’s ex-partner, Phillip Chatfield has said that the operation was unsuccessful and caused her to be in “agony”. It has also been reported that Ms Methuen-Campbell was extremely upset that her ovaries had been removed. Medical director of the North Bristol NHS Trust, Dr Chris Burton has explained the matter is being fully investigated, with Mr Dixon under review and not currently providing any clinical services at the Trust.

In February this year, the government announced a 9 month review would be conducted into the safety of medical devices such as surgical mesh. Campaigning against mesh implants, Labour MP Owen Smith has reported, “The mesh scandal shows what can go wrong when devices are aggressively marketed to doctors and then used in patients for whom they were unsuited or unnecessary. Mesh devices should be seen against that history of medicalisation and miss-selling and should be subject to the most stringent clinical trials before being deployed in surgery.”

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