The NHS define a Never Event as “serious incidents that are entirely preventable because guidance or safety recommendations providing strong systemic protective barriers are available at a national level, and should have been implemented by all healthcare providers” (

In 2017/2018, East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust recorded 6 Never Events across three hospitals including an operation performed on the wrong finger, a gall bladder bag being found inside a patient following surgery and a needle being left inside a woman following the birth of her child. It has also been reported that a patient received the wrong blood type in a blood transfusion.

A spokesman for the East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust has said that these events were “six too many, but should be seen in the context of over 720,000 patient contacts over the same period”. (

Following consultations with stakeholders, the NHS Never Events policy and framework was revised in 2016. This included the removal of the option for commissioners to impose financial sanctions when Trusts report Never Events, in a bid to eliminate a potential blame culture.

The NHS have reported that between 1 and 30 April 2018, a total of 26 Never Events have occurred across the UK including, but not limited to, wrong implants or prosthesis’ being inserted into patients and wrong teeth being removed. (

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