It has come to light following research conducting by the Nuffield Trust, that there has been an increase in readmissions in the UK relating to preventable conditions such as pressure sores and pneumonia.

In response to the issue, the Government have committed to a long-term funding plan in order to manage the NHS’ patient demand as 185,000 people were readmitted unnecessarily last year. Figures from the research suggest that the number of patients readmitted to hospital with pneumonia rose from 41,003 to 70,731 between 2010-2011 and 2016-2017 whilst those readmitted with pressures sores nearly trebled to 22,448 ( The analysis admits that part of this increase can be attributed to an ageing population.

The Nuffield Trust have reported that these figures cast doubt on not only a patients initial visit to hospital but also the circumstances surrounding their discharge and the quality of care at home and the wider community.

Jessica Morris, an analyst and research author at the Nuffield Trust has reported that these figures are a “warning sign” that the quality of care received by patients has been compromised and urges local health provides to ensure patients have a care plan in case following their discharge. (

Speaking on behalf of the Local Government Association, Linda Thomas has commented that Councils require urgent funding in order to help care for those who could potentially be readmitted.

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