Across the UK there are 32 areas where millions of patients are 29% more likely to die, at any age, of avoidable causes due to NHS funding. These areas include three London boroughs, Liverpool and Birmingham with health economists placing blame on funding cuts and increased pressure on the NHS.

Also included on the interactive map are 13 “crunch zones” which shows those areas that have an ageing population but inadequate social care funding in place. The map has been produced by the Centre for Progressive Policy and the data collected demonstrates that NHS and local authorities need to collaborate for better public health.

The data used to produce the map was collected from the NHS Trusts’ financial data from 2015-2016 and the Office for National Statistics. Dr Sarah Wollaston, chair of the Government’s Health and Social Care Select Committee said that the analysis details an “urgent need” to address current shortfalls in care but also future demand on the NHS.

The research conducted by the CPP suggests that a 10% increase in local NHS Trust funding could reduce A&E referral waiting times, improve the number of patients referred for routine operations and improve cancer treatment performance by 29%. The national target is that 95% patients within A&E are seen within four hours, however, A&E departments regularly fall short of this target.

Sir Cyril Chantler, emeritus chairman at UCL Partners Academic Health Science Partnership has claimed that action needs to be taken now to protect patients within the multiple risk zones and prevent any more from developing.

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