Susan Morgan had transvaginal tape inserted during surgery to battle her incontinence, however, the controversial material has cost her career, her marriage and her independence.

Ms Morgan’s surgery was carried out at Torquay’s Mount Stuart Hospital and was informed she would be discharged within 24 hours. Three days later she left hospital. Within two hours, the catheter the surgeons struggled to insert was blocked. Following her initial procedure, Ms Morgan was diagnosed with an engorged bladder and pelvic hematoma, resulting from the lacerations and bleeding during her operation.

Vaginal mesh implants are used to treat urinary incontinence and organ prolapse and can be made with synthetic polypropylene, polyester or human tissue. There are 5 different types of vaginal mesh, all of which allegedly assist women with differing conditions and are: the Mini Sling, the TVT Sling, the TVTO Sling, the TOT Sling and Ventral Mesh Rectopexy.

Vaginal mesh has been branded the biggest medical scandal since thalidomide was used to aid morning sickness in the 1950’s and 60’s and has left thousand of women in unbearable pain, suffering infections and even suffering organ erosion.

A study conducted by Case Western Reserve University reported that up to 42% of patients suffer with complications, compared with statistics from the NHS and MHRA which report that the risk of pain following the implantation of vaginal mesh as being between 1% and 3%.

77% of the patients identified as suffering complications in the University study reported severe pain.

Ms Morgan has now been informed that surgeons are not willing to remove the mesh as it has fused with her body and is now “stuck”. Ms Morgan claims she can feel the mesh burning inside her “like a chemical burn and cuts like a cheese wire”. She now lives with her daughters due to her urinary incontinence and has said she lives “reclusively”.

Mount Stuart Hospital have yet to comment on the matter and have not confirmed whether TVT mesh is still being used to treat urinary incontinence.

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