Rebecca Steinfeld and Charles Keidan have today won their court battle over civil partnerships for opposite sex couples. 

Civil partnerships were introduced in 2004.  A civil partnership gives more or less the same legal status, rights and obligations as a marriage, but is only available to same sex couples. Since same sex couples won the right to marry in 2014, marriage has been open to everybody whilst civil partnerships have continued to be available only to same sex couples. 

Ms Steinfeld and Mr Keidan argued that this was discriminatory and contrary to human rights law. The Supreme Court unanimously agreed with them. The couple have campaigned for civil partnerships to be open to opposite sex couples as an alternative to marriage, as a way for a couple's relationship to be formally and legally recognised without all of the historical patriarchal connotations of marriage. 

We will now have to wait and see how the government responds to the Supreme Court's decision, but it is very likely that a change in the law will follow.