Geena Davis has been reported to be arguing that her marriage was not a marriage and therefore the claims her husband is making as part of the divorce are not justified.

The ‘Thelma and Louise’ actress states that a marriage licence was knowingly not obtained by them both before their marriage, and that they conducted their life as an unmarried couple including in filing single person tax returns. This litigation is happening in America, but the issues raised could equally be raised here.

Although avoiding marriage does avoid divorce, it does not avoid litigation. Unmarried couples in this country can face protracted legal disputes when dividing assets and dealing with financial claims. In some situations this can be more costly, time consuming and legally complex than a divorce.

In situations such as this I would suggest to a couple choosing to marry but wishing to keep finances separate, that a pre nuptial or post nuptial agreement could avoid future difficulties on a separation. For couples not wishing to marry, a cohabitation agreement can confirm the claims that could and could not be made.

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