On Day 3 of this week’s blog to celebrate World Cerebral Palsy Day we will look at two more of the six key areas for change highlighted by the campaign.


3. Medical /Therapies

As with all medical conditions, research and information sharing is key to earlier diagnosis and providing that crucial timely support to those who need it. With a condition like CP, which is complex and can be difficult to diagnose, it is even more paramount that knowledge is shared between Doctors and Therapists to ensure that those affected by CP and their families have access to the help, support and key advice relating to CP they require and deserve.

Why shouldn’t parents of children with CP who wonder ‘why my child?’ or ‘will my child walk one day?’ be given a fighting chance to get those answers?

4. Quality of Life

Life is for living and achieving not just surviving and the CP community is no different. Inspiration and support to reach these goals is essential to people with CP. Freeths Clinical Negligence Solicitors know of and work with various charities, Specialist Therapists and Case Managers who help to do just that and they should be celebrated and thanked. Their role is pivotal in changing the lives of the CP community, whether it be providing a focus through specialist support groups for families where parents can feel others understand or access equipment that can make everyday tasks a little less onerous and more enjoyable.

The CP community needs the world’s help. World Cerebral Palsy Day is that opportunity to join together and make a difference, shares stories and speak out.

Freeths Solicitors

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