As a member of Resolution I have recently been promoting Good Divorce Week .You may ask why and what does this mean?

Unless you have been separated for 2 years, and both parties consent, in order to obtain an immediate divorce you have to issue a petition on the grounds of adultery or unreasonable behaviour. In 2016, the majority (60%) of divorces in England and Wales were granted on one of these grounds. Divorce is always difficult, and having to establish fault as a cause of the marriage breakdown, can increase conflict. 71% of the population agree that law reform is needed so there can be a no fault divorce or “good “divorce.

I wholeheartedly agree with this but am concerned about the impact this change may have on our movie industry and worry what would film makers would do without the concept of adultery. This is mainly because ,whilst we would still have my favourite film “Love Actually “ ,we would probably lose the iconic scene which takes gift wrapping to a new level .I am talking about Rowan Atkinson taking forever to wrap a present Alan Rickman has bought for his mistress ,not his wife.