An investigation has been launched by Swedish prosecutors into a Cambridge based medical implant company called Rainer Technology following concerns that their Cadisc-L and Cadisc-C spinal implants have moved and in some cases disintegrated in patients.

Spinal implants are predominantly used to treat patients suffering from degenerative disc disease. Whilst disc degeneration is part of the natural aging process, some patients require surgical intervention if degeneration occurs from an early age or they experience chronic back pain.

The BBC reports that initial animal studies found “worrying changes between the implant and the bone in all but one subject”. Currently no affected patients have been identified in the UK but Dr Karsten Ritter Lang - a surgeon who has removed more than 70 of the failed spinal implants from patients in Northern Germany - told BBC Panorama that using the implants in humans was “crazy” given the concerns about their safety.

In November this year, the Royal College of Surgeons released a statement calling for greater regulation of medical devices because uncovered data revealed there is a rising number of malfunctions and injuries caused by medical devices. According to the RCS website, specific recommendations as to how medical devices can be better regulated are expected later this year.

Rainer Technology withdrew its Cadisc-L implant from the market in 2014. However, that will be of little comfort to those who have already had the implant inserted.

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