The Christmas party season is well underway and for many, one of the highlights is the office Christmas party.  A chance to let their hair down with colleagues and for companies to say thank you to their staff for their hard work throughout the year.  However, Christmas parties and/or Christmas drinks after work can cause or exacerbate difficulties within a couple's relationship, making Christmas a not so merry affair.

A booze-fuelled festive season can lead to people making bad choices and to a person's behaviour changing for the worse, all of which have a far reaching impact on family and friends.

Finding out about a fling your partner had at the office Christmas party or having to deal with your partner's alcohol-fueled behaviour can often be the last straw for couples, especially on top of all of the other pressures we face at Christmas.  

Sadly, this means people sometimes have to consult a solicitor at Christmas time to put measures in place to protect themselves (and their children) from unwanted behaviour, or to get legal advice on their options and issues arising from the breakdown of their relationship.

If you would like to talk about your situation and what we can do to help you, please do get in touch.