Over the 12 working days leading up to Christmas, we are sharing our thoughts on family law issues that often arise during the festive period. 

Spending time with family at Christmas can be a struggle if not everybody is able to get along. If your partner does not see eye to eye with your parents or siblings, it can lead to conflict. In some cases, they may even try to prevent you or your children from seeing family members. This is often a significant factor in the breakdown of relationships. 

Although grandparents, aunts and uncles do not have automatic or guaranteed rights to time with a child, the courts almost always consider it in a child's best interests to have a strong relationship with the extended families of both their parents. If you are a parent concerned about your partner or former partner trying to prevent your children from seeing your family, or if you are a family member who would like advice on being able to spend time with a child, then do get in touch.