"Divorce day" is looming but will it soon be a thing of the past?

For some time now the first working Monday back after the Christmas break has been dubbed "divorce day", as it is said that this is when family solicitors see a significant rise in enquiries about divorce. Whilst I remain sceptical about this phenomenon, recent statistics have left me wondering whether the Government’s online divorce system will actually see family lawyers experiencing a drop in enquiries after the festive break?

In April 2018, the Government rolled out an online platform enabling individuals to start divorce proceedings online as part of it’s plans to modernise the family justice system.

Recent figures show that a total of 455 people filed divorce petitions over the festive period between Christmas Eve and New Year’s day, and that 13 of those were issued on Christmas Day!

The online system is still in it’s youth and it is far too early to tell what impact it will have on new enquiries received by family lawyers at this time of year, but the latest statistics are certainly interesting.

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