A government order has come into force that allows single people to legally become parents through surrogacy arrangements. 

In the UK, intended parents entering into surrogacy arrangements must obtain a court order after their child has been born, transferring legal parenthood to them from their surrogate. This is known as a 'parental order'. 

Under existing legislation, parental orders were only open to couples, and not to individual applicants. This was declared incompatible with human rights law by the UK's most senior family court judge in 2016. However, it has taken until now for the government to produce further legislation to change the law, and to steer it through parliament. 

Single parents who had children through surrogacy arrangements prior to the change in the law and could not obtain legal parenthood now have a period of six months (which began on 3 January 2019) in which they can make retrospective applications. If you are in this position and would like advice on applying for a parental order, then please do get in touch.