Divorce is unquestionably a major life event for those going through the process, and even the most amicable divorces pose challenges, both emotionally and financially.  When considering how the financial assets built up during the marriage should be divided on divorce, the main objective is to achieve a financial clean break between the couple wherever possible.  For some, this may mean they have to reflect on their current choice of career and consider alternative options. 

In recent cases, we have seen a seen a change in the Court's approach to spousal maintenance orders.  They used to be seen as a meal ticket for life, but the trend now is very much moving away from this and towards creating financial independence for divorcing couples.  This means that some people going through divorce may find themselves having to consider a change of career, or even returning to work, so they can maximise their earning potential.

Another reason divorce may prompt a change of career is so that a parent can move in to work that provides more flexibility, enabling them to be around more for their children and to co-parent their children more easily.

Without doubt, whether or not you should change career during or following divorce is a difficult, personal decision that should not be taken lightly.  Many factors need to be considered, including whether or not there needs to be provision for some financial support during a transitional period.    

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