Researchers estimate the scans at 36 weeks to help detect babies in the breech position would avoid 4,000 emergency caesareans and eight baby deaths a year in England.

Methods for detecting babies in breech position through physical external examination are not always reliable and many breech births are not identified until during labour by which time risks have arisen and management options are more limited.  

Whilst there is a cost attached to offering additional routine scans, the research demonstrates significant benefits and those costs are also likely to be offset by reductions in the number of mothers and babies requiring critical care.

Based on my own experience as a clinical negligence solicitor, I also strongly suspect that the risk of a breech births is just one of many complications and difficulties that could be detected and avoided if scans were routinely offered provided to all mothers at 36 weeks. 

In addition to detecting babies in the risky breech position, scans at 36 weeks would also help identify a number of other problems in relation to the size and position of the baby, the health of the baby and issues with the placenta. These are factors that may otherwise go undetected, particularly in otherwise low risk pregnancies, but that if and identified and managed appropriately can save lives and avoid life-changing injuries such as brain damage, cerebral palsy and brachial plexus nerve damage. 

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