I am sure all family lawyers will be sharing the same utter frustration at the length of time the courts are taking to process paperwork in relation to divorce and orders pursuant to divorce.  It really does go to show that the government is totally out of touch with what is happening at the coal face.  It is particularly frustrating when parties manage to come to a financial agreement and can then be waiting up to four months for the court to seal the agreed order meaning that neither party can move forward.  No pension sharing order can take effect until there is a sealed order, decree absolute is not usually applied for until there is a sealed order and the parties simply cannot move forward.  The Industrial Tribunals are similarly facing huge delays and there is massive delay in the granting of probate from the Probate Registry. 

The government really needs to sort this out - cost-cutting is not economical, it is not efficient and it is not justice in a country where our justice system was so highly regarded.